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Our Story

Our Story

The home of jewelry brand "AbHerï" is located in the east side of Tokyo, Japan.

"AbHerï" is a combination of two Latin words "Ab", meaning-pursuing, and "Heri", meaning-yesteryear, in hope to inherit from the past and take on to new challenges to create a harmonious future".

The Libra (scale) emblem crowned on top of the brand logo signifies a timeline from past to the future. It is also a testimony to the commitment from AbHerï to select the best equilibrium from various options and authentic elements.

As the jewelry is a symbol of emotion, we endeavor to inherit traditions of yesteryear, encapsulate the essence of current age and strive to make your dream of the future.

The creation of “classic pieces in a novel form and modern pieces with a feeling of nostalgia”.

AbHerï is always striving for this kind of balance.




Every designer at AbHerï is an artisan.

After creating a rough sketch, the designer will make a prototype model using metal and wax material to study the piece in a three-dimensional shape.

This process is similar to creating a work of architecture, only on a smaller scale. The design is carefully studied from every angle to make sure it retains the beauty not only when it is worn but also when it is kept in your jewelry case.




AbHerï pursues creative ways of expression.

With the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern jewelry making techniques, the final product is an elegant and carries a sense of originality.

Artistic millgrain engraving, carefully setting of the stones, and an exceptional sculpture technique are the hallmark of AbHerï's sincere efforts to create unique balance which can be evident from its collection.

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