To give each piece of jewelry a sense of profound existence and everlasting warmth to the wearer, we meticulously select the finest metals. Platinum with its pure shine and four beautiful nuances of gold.

Each metal brings out the best of the design and of the gemstone as well.


platinumAbHerï chooses platinum to create jewelry.
The natural pure whiteness of platinum is different from that of white gold.
AbHerï ’s platinum is amalgamated with Ruthenium for extra strength and durability.
With this amalgamation of metals, any kind of delicate stone setting is possible, allowing for a wide variety of designing.
Many of AbHerï ’s designs are fine and delicate, but the solid weight of platinum exuberates a rich feel.
Platinum’s pure white shine creates light and shadow on every detail, offering a sense of joy and prestige .

【K18 Gold】
With our constant research in various composition of metals, AbHerï has created four exquisitely original gold colors, each with a outstanding nuance.
You can choose any of these colors to match your skin tone or personal preference.
*A high quality amalgam is added to pure gold or platinum in order to achieve the strength and durability in all our jewelry creations.

(Yellow Gold)

yellowgoldThis bright yellow color characteristic of gold gives a vivid and an opulent impression.

(Champagne Gold)

Champagne GoldThis original champagne color has a unique luster and an antique feel to it.
It matches well with any color of set stones or just the metal for you to enjoy wide variety of styling.

About Responsible Mining at AbHerï we strive to ensure that our gold and other metals come from suppliers that meet the highest standards of human rights and obey social, ethical and environmental regulations.
At AbHerï we endeavor to establish benchmarks with a goal of continuous quality improvement.

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