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Membership Services

If you have created an account with AbHeri, you can check your past order history from “My Page”.

This is a special offer for returning customers. 

As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, we are happy to offer the following discounts to our valuble customers on repeat orders at our Abherï Online Store as well as any of the Abherï direct sales outlets within Japan. 

You can register your favorite items and check them anytime and order whenver decide. 

(The order history will be available only for the purchases made in our AbHeri online store.)

Discount Rates are based on purchases results.

You can avail the special discount based on the total amount of purchase (excluding tax) in the last year.

This discount is available only at Abheri direct sales Stores (whithin Japan & AbHeri online store.


* Applicable from the day after purchase.
* The total purchase amount in Japanese yen; can be the sum total of all purchases made from AbHeri direct stores in Japan or AbHeri online store.
* If no purchases have been made in the past year, the discount is not available.

Birthday Special Treatment

・In the month of your birthday, we will send you a felicitation coupon to receive your special birthday discount of 10%.

These discounts are available only at Abherï direct sales Stores & AbHeri online store.

* Applicable from the day after purchase.
* This service is not available, if you have not purchased the product for the past two years.

These special offers is available only at the target stores. (Cannot be used in combination with any other offers)

Please note in case of repairs or size change charges discount will not be applicable.

As for AbHerï Online Store, due to system reasons,
・After ordering at the display price, we will inform you of the special repeat order discount amount and the credit card will be charged only at the discounted price.
・Please check the contents of your order after confirmation email sent to you, which will reflect the discounted price and an approximate delivery date.



We will place the items ordered on the Online Store in AbHeri`s original jewelry case, We will carefully wrap it with a ribbon before shipping.

We will also send you our original brand warranty with a shopping bag.

* An example of AbHeri`s special wrapping.
* The wrapping contents may change depending on the season of the year.

To prevent damage during shipping, the product will be shipped with the packing material inside the shipping case.
* If there is no packing material in the case, the product will move during shipping.
(The image of the packaging material will be included.)

We will take utmost care in packaging to make sure the safety of the product.

Message card

At AbHeri Online Store You can attach your original message in a card for free of cost.
We will be happy,to write your message on your behalf, please inform us us of your request in the purchase procedure page.

* An example of an AbHeri message card.
* The card design may change depending on the season.

Regarding the content of the message, when ordering,
Please enter up to 64 characters in the remarks column.

massage card 2

* We will adjust the balance between characters and line breaks.
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