■It is a chain type ring that you can adjust the size by sliding the chain and changing the length.

■You don't have to choose which fingers to wear and you don't have to change the size, so you can use it easily. This flexibility gives you the freedom to wear in any fingers you wish to.

■As the size range that can be worn varies depending on the design, please check the details page of each product for details.

How to use the chain ring


* There are two types of slide fittings, spherical and tubular.

■Silicon built into the slide metal fittings serves as a stopper.

■Hold it delicately with care from behind with your fingers and slide it so that you can press it slowly to adjust.

■Be careful not to pinch and pull only the tip of the chain, DO NOT apply excessive force in the
opposite direction, as this may break the chain.

■When you wear it, spread it to the maximum size, put it on your fingers, and then adjust the size to wear it smoothly.

■To remove it, slide the slide fitting along your finger to loosen it.

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