1337A_AP<br>- fleurs -<br>Diamond pierced-earrings
1337A_AP<br>- fleurs -<br>Diamond pierced-earrings
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  • 將圖片載入圖庫檢視器 1337A_AP&lt;br&gt;- fleurs -&lt;br&gt;Diamond pierced-earrings

- fleurs -
Diamond pierced-earrings


【 Design No.:1337A_AP 】

[fleurs] Flower on the side 

fleurs" means "flower" in French.
In times of happiness and sadness, there is always a flower by your side.
This collection is inspired by the presence of flowers that gently accompany people.

Three differently shaped stones are combined in a three-dimensional manner, as if the petals of a flower were overlapping, and a diamond is fastened.

The shape of the petals, with their slightly pointed edges, is impressive, and the design has a modern expression suitable for "flowers" worn by grown-ups.

【 About Metal 】
In the case of K18chyg, the flowers are made of K18ch (champagne gold) and the metal fittings are made of K18yg (yellow gold).

Diamond 0.10ct

【 About Size 】

The following is the actual size.

Pierced earrings size (diameter): About 0.60cm
Total length (to metal fittings): About 1.50cm

【 About Fittings 】

The product image shows in Threader.

Hoop S (width): About 8.9mm; (length): About 12mm

Hoop M (width): About 9.3mm; (length): About 13.2mm

Stud earrings are also available at the same price as American pierced earrings.
If you would like to change the metal fittings, please select from the list of fittings.

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